Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Commando Rabbit in the Jungle

Over the weekend, Commando Rabbit wanted to hone his millitery skills so we went into the jungle with Lionel Kokonut Soldier and Old Man Gus.

Commando Rabbit checks the vehicle to ensure there are no bombs and everything is in working order. We had to cross rought terrain which were blocked by falling trees, and 2 rivers to get to campsite.
Commanda Rabbits takes a rest after a long and hard day of travelling through the dangerous jungle. He sleeps with one eye open, just in case. You can't see the eye but it doesn't mean that he's not watching you. He was up all night gurading us while we slept, fending off all the wild animals.

Commando Rabbit surveys the terrain. He concludes that the campsite is safe to set up camp and is less prone to attacks. Or at least we will have access to fresh water and have a vantage point.
Commado Rabbit checking that the vehicle is in order so that we can make our way out of the jungle. Finally back into town, totally famished. Commando Rabbit takes a rest while waiting for lunch to be served. He had a good time hunting in the jungle in stealth mode. He is after all, a Commando Rabbit.

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