Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I've Learnt in 2006

2nd Jan 2007

2006 has passed in a blink of an eye. Seems like time flies faster the older u get. And apparently once you have kids, it goes by even faster.

So here we are, 2 days into 2007. What has the last year thought me?

That life isn’t easy but we push on anyway.

That we are fearful but what matters is how we handle the fear.

That many people settle for less in life because they are scared of losing what they have now even though they have a chance to achieve what they truly desire.

That we should appreciate and preserve the past because it is through that that we are where we are now.

That I can’t eat cute looking food.

That people can promise you the world but until they bring it to you, it’s all lies.

That we can never truly follow a plan because Murphy’s always round the corner. But we need to plan anyway.

That I sometimes need to say no, even to friends.

That karma does actually happen, whether u know it or not.

That we can make time if something is important enough. “I’m busy” simply means “you are not a priority”.

That my parking prayer works even in the most high traffic areas.

That some people take longer to learn a lesson and need to make the mistake a dozen times before they learn it. But it’s a lesson they need to learn by themselves.

That I cannot be angry when a friend does not heed my advice. Even if it’s like watching helplessly as a car wreck happens in front of u. Sometimes, for several times till the car is totalled. All we can do is be there for the person while they recover from the hurt.

That people are cowards and rather avoid situations till it blows up in their face rather than take charge and fix the problem themselves.

That sometimes friends go away for a while but the true ones are those who return eventually.

That there’s heads and there’s tails but they’re still part of the same coin.

2006 was one of the toughest years for me despite how it looked from the outside. I would not have made it though the year was it not for certain friends.

To all my friends who have come and gone. To the friends who stayed through the good and the bad. To the friends who didn’t only call when they needed something or when their partners were not around. To all the friends who indulged my burst of energy and Bubble Moments.

I only hope that I was as much a friend to you as you were to me. I love you.

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