Monday, April 07, 2008

Wedding Plans Are Coming Together Finally

Paul, the wedding planner & I went to Passion Road on Saturday to recce the place and to make a deposit (I can’t let what happened at Courtyard happen again!). The place is so much more beautiful than Courtyard Garden. Plus the people are so much nicer, helpful and accommodating too.

And yes I have a wedding planner! She’s Patricia from Wedding Planners Malaysia, who came highly recommended by Melvin Kuo. And her husband does fabrication work and is now figuring out how to make wings. Fairy wings! And they’re going to be pinned onto the back of my dress instead of being looped round the arms like the kiddy wings found at Toy’s R Us. So much more magical and fairy like!

I’ve also bought the bridesmaid dresses. They are shimmery tube dresses. Baby pink for Fruitcake, the Maid of Honour and maroon for Cyn Sin and Michelle Who Stays on The Seashore the other bridesmaids. I liked the dresses so much that I bought extra. I can’t decide if I should have more bridesmaids. If at the end of the day, I don’t have enough bridesmaids to fill the dresses, I’m gonna keep the dresses for myself!

Shell and I were smoking in the stairwell one day and I was telling her that I need to audition a few bands and to hire one to play at the wedding. Then Gary, a writer from a different department who was smoking there too, just turned around and said he’s in a band and is sure that his band members would wanna play at my wedding for free. Then I discovered that I knew all of the other band members …. I just didn’t know they were in the band together! The band is called ‘Don’t Make Ian (fuckin) Cry’. I’ve yet to find out the story behind the name. And yes, one of the band members is indeed called Ian.

So all in all, the wedding plans are coming together so well. I now just need to brief the copy writers and art directors to come up with the masthead and I can’t start doing up my wedding website and send the invites out.


Audrey said...

DMIC came about because that pansy Ian was harassing the band members to rehearse so often that they did it so he wouldn't cry :)

... Or at least that was the story he told me.

I like your wedding tales.


Bubbles said...

The story I heard was that the other members would give Ian a new song and ask him to learn it RIGHT NOW! That's the story he told me .... Now isn't that interesting?

A Married Man said...

A Married Man wishes your other half the very best:)


Bubbles said...

Why? Every thing is going according to plan now. And all parties are happy (or as happy as they can be), including both sets of parents.