Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad Day Despite Good Hair Day & New Shoes

I woke up to a good hair day. And you know how good hair days make you feel on top of the world and nothing can weight you down. Nothing at all!

That is until I got to work. Work these days has been a major downer for not only me but so many of my other colleagues too. It’s just become tiresome, bothersome and loathsome. It’s harder to wake up in the morning. And when I do wake on time, I rather stay in to do household chores. I watered the plants and washed the toilets this morning. That’s now bad it is.

And when we get to work, we’re just waiting for lunch time. And when we’re back from lunch, we’re just waiting to go home. The fun and the joy is non existent. And we don’t know what happened.

To make ourselves feel better, Sin Cyn and I went shoe shopping. And how can a good hair day AND new pretty shoes equal a bad day no matter what? That’s a double dose of happiness! I bought a pair of ballet pumps with diamante skull on it. I shall wear that to the client’s place when I feel particularly hostile towards them.

I also bought a happy purple one with gold link chains. Don’t think I had a purple pair before.

We were pretty happy in Nose (yeah I went back there despite their bad quality and bad service but they have really nice designs even tho they fall apart soon enough) trying on more than a dozen pairs. When bought the shoes and came back to the office and all that negatively in the hit hit is right in the face.

I don’t understand. How can the combination of a good hair day and new shoes not help elevate our mood. Guess things in the office really have reached an all time low.

Starbuck seems like more and more of a good idea now.


Anonymous said...

I used to work at a cafe in KL before - it was fun but not easy because you don't get to sit - at all. You get about 20 minutes break or so, if I remember correctly, and that's all the time you get to sit. Your feet will really hurt after awhile. The worst part is the grease trap - when you do closing shifts - you have to wash that as well. Not fun at all. It's not only dirty, it has sharp edges, so I had scratches on my hands after that. You might want to think twice before considering a career change :)

Bubbles said...

Was the cafe focused on serving food? I really want to join Starbucks so that I can be a full fledged barista. And since there's no cooking involved, there should not be any grease traps right?

I am aware of the constant standing but that is to be expected in that line of work. At least I don't have to wear heels since they insist that black sports shoes are to be worn.

It's not going to be a career change but rather just a hiatus from my current corporate job so that there's a lot less stress and I can take a break from the line of work I'm in. I love what I do currently but it's often we suffer from burn out since it's so intense.

I'm still in the office after almost 12 hours of non stop meetings and working my brains out. I really need a break with a job which is more relaxing and and gives me pocket money for a few months as I definitely cannot maintain my lifestyle while on a barista's pay for too long.

But thanks for the advice. Will keep that in mind during the interview with Starbucks.

What do you do now? I'm in advertising and have been for many years.

Mirebella said...

OMG! I have the same diamante skull shoes but mine is cream (not Nose tho). Your purple pair reminds me of my pair here

I agree with Anon's comments. I used to work at Chilis before giving it up and joining the corporate ratrace. Long hrs and crappy pay. Must admit tho, experience wise - no regrets.

Bubbles said...

Nose has the cream one too! Just thought that the black was more menacing looking and I was in a very menacing mood that day.

All these shoe companies just take from the same source and rebrand it as their own.

My career change is the other way round. Giving up the corporate rat race to join the the part time working crowd. Hahaha! Won't be permanent but I think the change will do me good. Also thinking it'll be nice not to be stressed out from work and have time to go to the spas in the few weeks leading up to the wedding. ;)

Fieran said...

The cafe did serve food. Starbucks serves sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. The thing is, its a nice job because you get to talk to people and stuff - and yeah, you learn about the coffee and all that.

I'm a technical writer now at another end of the world. I was working at the cafe during my 2nd year of engineering. Had a 3 month break, so I worked at the cafe for 2.5 months or so. Definitely learned a lot :)

Bubbles said...

Thanks Fieran! All my friends and family are thinking I've gone totally mad to want to do this. But I really do think that it will be a great experience. And I've always wanted to to be a barista in Startbucks and make coffee professionally. Besides, it's just going to be for a few months. Just need to refresh my life experience for a while rather than to just work work work.

Where are u now?

Bubbles said...

Sorry. Silly me. U're in Norway. Are u from there? Glad u r a coffee lover too!

Fieran said...

I'm from Malaysia. Got a cool job in a nice software firm, so I moved. No regrets yet - do miss Malaysian food though :) I'd kill for one of those 'ikan bakar' anytime :)