Friday, April 11, 2008

Pics from Passion Road

Passion Road truly is gorgeous and such a perfect venue for the wedding. At least the wedding planner and friends who have been there before think so. Here’s the plan, to give you a sneak preview.

This is the main entrance.

And this is for the marriage registry and blessing ceremony.

This area is for guest registration or where the band will play.

Or maybe this is where the band will play. And the canopy area will be for the DJ console.

The dining area.

Decor on the dining table.

This is pretty lighting to set the mood. Fairy lights will be added every where to add to the theme.

And this is one of my favourite angles of the place.

Or maybe it's this view from the balcony where I'll be throwing the bouquet from.

It even has a view of KLCC!

Patricia The Wedding Planner, her partner & I briefing Josh the Passion Road Manager.

The wedding planner is sending the agenda over the weekend.

Yup, everything is falling into place indeed.


The Faux Fashionista said...

Hello, was randomly blogsurfing and ended up at your blog.

Weddings are so exciting, and I love your choice of venue! Its so different from your typical tea ceremony/open house/dinner at expensive hotel wedding...I hope you update often on the preparations - the dress, the shoes, everything! I'll be looking forward to reading them :)

Bubbles said...

They are exciting indeed and frustrating too. Need to find that balance to create a perfect wedding but not to get too stressed out along the way.

I've been posting stuff about my wedding since Jan 08 and will continue to do so as and when there are developments.

Since u r into fashion, u'll be interested to know that my mum is planning to invite Jimmy Choo for the wedding. But maybe u know this already if u've read my earlier posts. They're also be a few local fashion designers and those related to the industry.

Glad u're enjoying the blog. Will try and put up more posts which are specific to the wedding. :)