Friday, April 18, 2008

Mc Ds 3 Meals In A Row

I love Mc Ds but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it 3 meals in a row before. We had a videoconference during lunch time at the client’s office yesterday so they ordered Mc D’s for us. And I finished work so late last night that most places were closed so Paul & I had lunch at Mc Ds near the house. It was there that we got 2 coupons for free Sausage Mc Muffins due to Mc Ds new campaign. So this morning I swung by to Mc Ds to get my free muffin before coming to work.

Frankly I’m feeling a bit sick now.

One of the other teams was out for research today and brought back a barrel of KFC. I usually loooove the smell of KFC but this time, I felt like puking.

Guess the movie Supersize Me Is true. Eating too much fast food really does make you sick.

But I’m working suck late hours these days. How do I eat healthily and exercise like I know I should? As soon as I’m done with work, I just want to go home and crawl into bed but as soon as I’m hiding under to covers, I can’t sleep because my mind is still at work.

I’m not having fun at work anymore. And again, the Starbucks idea is becomes even more appealing.


Mirebella said...

I'm sooo off McD.. and your right..its after I watched Supersize me..

If its Nando's on the other hand.... ;)

c|owNo said...

you got tagged. go to my blog and see.

u have to do a series of questions.

Bubbles said...

I love Nando's even it it puts a fire in my belly. Yummy and healthier too.