Monday, April 14, 2008

Bubbles the Vegetarian Wannabe.

I ate a bowl of salad last night for dinner. A BIG bowl. And I finished every leaf. The tuna and peach dressing helped it all go down.

And I plan to do it more often. So uncharacteristic of someone who doesn’t like to eat vegetables, huh?

People usually become vegetarian for 3 reasons:

  1. For religious reasons
  2. For health reasons
  3. Because they love animals

I’m doing it for Reason Number 3. As much as I love my bacon and siew yoke, I do feel bad for the piggy who died cos I want to eat him. I’ve always felt this way but he tastes so good!

And the secondary reason why I’m doing this is for Reason Number 2. My doctor told me to cut out bacon and eat healthily right?

So now I have 2 reasons, hopefully strong enough to make me turn part vegetarian.

Okay there’s no such thing as part vegetarian but it’s a start. Vegetables are just not yummy. Nor filling!

2 hours after the large bowl of salad, I was hungry. So I ate corn flakes and low fat milk (yeah I’ve switched (or trying) to low fat milk too. It tastes yuck!).

I was then fairly full but extremely unfulfilled.

Maybe it just takes a while for the body to make the switch and crave for less meat. I’m going to try introducing Vegetarian Wednesdays into my life. One day per week of no meat can’t be that bad. Oh, animal by products and seafood will be allowed though. Can’t expect me to make such a strict and drastic switch.

Right now I’m thinking: What’s the point of being healthy but feel unsatisfied in life?

But for the last 31 years of my life, I’ve been eating extremely unhealthily. I hardly eat vegetables and can eat 500g of fried crispy bacon per seating. And a large bowl of fried lard when I eat Hokkien mee is a must.

Maybe it is time to take a more moderate stance in my diet now so that I don’t have to completely cut bacon from my diet in the future.

I love bacon. But poor pig.

Yes it’s a tough internal struggle. I’m confused. My body’s confused.

It’s not Wednesday. I’m going for lunch. And eat some meat.


Mirebella said...

Try making pesto pasta. All you need is pasta (I like penne), squash, zuchini, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes - and pesto. I try to go vegan once a week.. and it keeps the weight down too.. Good luck!

Bubbles said...

I like linguine. :) Thanks for the suggestion. I do like pesto but my main problem is that I don't like vegetables! Hahaha!