Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stop smoking. Stop bacon. Start having kids.

Work has been really psychotic these days. I’ve not had much time to feed & pet Billy (please go pet & feed him!), blog or concentrate on wedding planning.

Besides the stress from work and lack of sleep, I’m also supposed to “Stop smoking. Stop bacon. Start having kids”. Doctor’s advice.

Paul & I went for a full medical check up and the doc tells us that our cholesterol levels are high and we should watch what we eat. He gives us a list of foods to avoid and they include: bacon (this will be the toughest of all), char kway teow, duck, egg yolks, potatoes (no more Mc D fries??!!), whole milk (but low fat milk is disgusting & diluted!), butter (margarine is fake and yucky!), potato chips (I have a few bags of Lay’s at home!) and about 80 other items.

For people like Paul & I who dislike vegetables, this is going to be tough indeed.

And no more eating excessively like so (This is the usual portion for Paul & I. Not having enough space on the table for the plates is normal for us):

And I’m 31 so I gotta start trying for a kid soon if I want one.

Sigh. I’m hungry and stressed. Going for dinner now. A fat free, non fried, limited red meat & carbo dinner. Where does that leave me? Steamed tofu? Ewwww!


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