Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Work has been mad! I’ve been coming in early, staying late and every time I leave my desk for a few minutes, I come back to 20 new emails waiting for me (and this are excluding the Facebook updates!).

So much has happened – holidays, wedding plans. And I’ll try to post as much back dated stuff as possible.

For those who celebrate Easter, Happy belated Easter! I went to church but didn’t get to go on an egg hunt but I did colour some bunnies. See!


aruri said...

Wow, you weren't kidding me when you said you love to colour. I'll show Daniel's masterpiece some day, it'll make you cry.

Bubbles said...

Cry cos of happiness or frustration? He doesn't colour out of the lines does he?? Nooooo....!!!!

Angeline said...

this is when you bend your knees, look to heaven and say " Thank god some kid doesn't own me!"

Bubbles said...

I'm not quite sure I know what that means but maybe I'll understand after I have a kid? Hahaha!