Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My First Wedding Shoe

I know I said that I won’t buy any more shoes till April 2008 but this purchase was justified!

After walking past Nine West three times over the course of the last one week and looking at the ‘50%’ discount screaming at us, Sin Cyn and I finally went in with an intension to buy.

Carrying a coloured print out of my wedding dresses, we perused the shelves for a matching shoe. We found a pair of reddish purple heels at RM369. So after 50% discount, it was RM184. For Nine West shoes, that is a great deal!

And after all, it’s going to be for the wedding and not for everyday use. What a great buy! I’ve been told to start shopping early as it’s not easy to find the perfect shoe to match the perfect dress. Now I just need to find a silver pair and a gold pair to match the other dresses.

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