Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks to the Wedding Sponsors & Chief Fairy Advisor

I’m actually enjoying planning the wedding now. With the headache of securing a venue out of the way, I can concentrate on the fun bits and right now the fun bits are the wedding theme and receiving sponsors.

On the wedding theme, it’s going to be either “The Secret Garden of the Fairies” or “Fairies in the Secret Garden”.

The moment I mention the fairies theme to any girl friend, the reactions I get is “Aaaaaaaargggghhhh! Really??! So sweet! Okay okay I’ll go look for a dress to match the theme. Aaaaargh! So Nice!”

Well, most of my girl friends anyway except for Michelle Who Stays on The SeaShore who just said “Oh. Okay”. But then again it’s hard to get a shriek out of her except when she’s drunk too much coffee or when a client pisses her off. Hehehe!

Can u imagine Kinky Blue Fairy’s reaction when I told her? She sheiked. And mind u we were seated right next to the speaker and the band at A Li Yaa. She says that she’s not going to do any work this week and will instead research on fairies. She’s also going to lend me some books on fairies. Don’t be jealous Fairy. This is my wedding as it is your area of expertise. You can be my Chief Fairy Advisor! Take this as a trial run before you have your own wedding! You’ll know every fairy element by then!

And as for the sponsorship I have a lot of close friends and contacts who want to be more involved in the wedding rather than just show up as guests. And my mum has a lot of contacts and friends in high places.

So far, the following people and brands will be sponsoring:

Annie Wong Couture : 1 wedding down, 1 cheongsam and 1 cocktail dress (okay maybe 2 or 3 since they’re all so gorgeous and I can’t decide). She’s been friends with my mum from before I was born! She has been waiting a really long time for me to get married so that she can make my dresses. Thank you Aunty Annie!

A Cut Above : Hair and possibly make up. My mum and Winnie Loo are makan kakis and always meet up when my mum is back to catch up and of course, eat.

Montecom: Videography. I shot a few Olay and Rejoice TVCs with them and they’ve been so generous to do me this favour! In fact, Daniel Wee of Montecom was one of the first people to offer his services as a wedding gift!

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB): Guinness & Tiger barrels. My lovely and generous clients!

And the latest sponsor is Diageo! Diageo has just been set up in Malaysia. They own Guinness around the world along with other premium brands such as Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Tanqueray and various single malt whiskeys. I met the MD, Samuel Tiger Woods, last Friday at Sin Cyn’s birthday drinks at Ali Yaa. We met during a Diageo training programme where we welcomed him warmly to Malaysia in the best way the beer girls knew how which is to “Drink!” Samuel Tiger Woods has promised to sponsor a few bottles of single malt whiskeys for the wedding! Yay to Tiger and yay to Diageo!

In a show of gratitude to for everyone’s generosity, they will get:

- mentioned during the speech

- their logos on the back drop

- their logos on the wedding website

- their logos on the e-invitation card

- mentions on

The guest list will comprises of friends from the advertising industry, friends in the fashion line and media too. So the brands would get good exposure to the right kind of crowd too.

Yup I’m really planning this wedding like an actual event. I’m using all the tools I know how to do my job well. It is after all the ‘biggest day in my life’. I can’t wait for the pre pro meetings and technical reccces to begin!


aruri said...

Will you be playing Enya music? :)

A fairy playing harp as background music will be heavenly...

Bubbles said...

Ooooh ooooh! Do u know of anyone who looks like a fairy or can dress up like one and can play the harp??!

The Godfather said...

damn, you wedding sounds as good a chocolate cakes in a bowls of cavier.
can i be a wedding crasher? :P

aruri said...

Unfortunately not :( Maybe some wedding bands may know...
Are you going to wear gossamer wings?

Bubbles said...

If u wanna come all the way from Dubai, I'll invite u as a guest. Don't need to crash :) Oh u forgot to mention champagne too ;)

Bubbles said...

The only wings I've found are the ones at Toys R Us which are really small. Know where I can get really big adult sized ones?

The Godfather said...

that is just too sweet of you to invite me as a legal guest. I would really love to attend, unfortunately... :(
have a great wedding. nice people like you you deserves the best... ciao

Bubbles said...

Well, if u do come back to KL then, the offer is open. :) Wedding plans are all over the place right now but I'll provide updates on my blog so u can decide later if it's worth the trip. Will be great to see u. Come see ur bro too.

The Godfather said...

see my brother for what? heheheh...

Bubbles said...

Okay come see me and attend the wedding then :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Jealous, jealous , jealous! You are one very very VERY lucky girl!

Bubbles said...

And even then, the wedding costs (all 3 weddings in total) is still exceeding RM100,000. Scary. It is a once in a life time affair after all(hopefully) and much effort should be put in so that it's memorable for everyone present. Crossing fingers that the actual day turns out as magical as I imgine it to be.