Friday, March 07, 2008

Loving Grey's Anatomy

I was watching a season synopsis of Grey’s Anatomy last night. It was hosted by Denny Duquette (screen character) / Jeffrey Dean Morgan (real name) who didn’t have that much screen time as in the number of episodes but played a pivotal role in the show especially in the live of Isobel Stevens / Katherine Heigl which inevitably affected the lives of her good friends who were also interns in Seattle Grace Hospital.

The show has flashbacks on the many memorable moments and some of my favourites are:

Meredith having a one night stand with a man the night before she started her internship at Seattle Grace only to walk through the doors on her first day of work to find that the very man she slept with was Dr Derek Shepard, her attending. They then proceed to fall in love in the following episodes. Until complication arrives when it was known to all that Derek is married and his hot wife was going to work at Seattle Grace.

Meredith yelling at Dr Shepard in the stair well “Don’t look lat me like that!” to which Dr. Shepard asked “Like what?” and she replied “Like you’ve seen me naked”. And Dr. Shepard just smiles and gives that dreamy look of his.

Christina Yang telling Burke that she will marry him only if they make it a quiet affair by having the signing ceremony at City Hall. She also cited “And no veil. I don’t want to get married with a mosquito net over my face”. Personally, I love Christina Yang / Sandra Oh best. I love her competitive character. Sandra plays this role so well that you’re feeling every exact emotion she’s portraying as Christina. I remember a scene where Christina was crying non stop and I couldn’t help but cry too.

Dr. Bailey knowing that she’s called the Nazi by the interns and maintained her stern demeanor even when giving birth!

The entire episode where the hospital had to deal with a patient who had a bomb in his body.

Isobel Stevens looking like a princess and total babe in a dark pink gown as the lift doors close on her as she makes her way up to Denny’s room after he proposed to her.

Isobel cutting Denny’s LVAD wire in a desperate attempt to get him a heart as he was contending with another patient who was 17 seconds earlier than him in putting in a request for a heart. This then caused him to die while she hoped desperately that Dr Burke Preston arrives with Denny’s new heart in time but not knowing that Dr. Burke Preston was shot and was bleeding out at the entrance of Seattle Grace.

The arrival of Mark Sloan to Seattle Grace who was formerly Derek Shepard’s best friend until he slept with Addison, Derek’s wife, who was also working at Seattle Grace in Neo-Natal.

The coining of Mc Dreamy (Derek) vs Mc Steamy (Mark). And then there was Mc Vet!

Ah. I love Grey’s Anatomy and can’t wait to buy the box set for the new season.

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