Monday, March 03, 2008

Monkeys at Vila Manja

The spa on Friday at Vila Manja was wonderful. 8 of us arrived and created such a ruckus while smoking, exploring the villa and choosing the essential oil we wanted for the massage. People go to spas to be relaxed and pampered. We were there to monkey around. But then again, that’s what we do ALL the time! That’s why we were able to plan such a fantastic company trip which resulted in the spa session sponsored by the company!

Here are some pics.

4 hours of foot spa, hot stone massage, aromatherapy full body massage and organic facial. And thereafter chocolate fondue and red wine. Ahhhh … if only every Friday could be this bliss.

The spa was pretty good and we got a great deal. We went for the Manja Indulgence Party which is where 6 or more people can book the entire spa to themselves and have a spa party! It was only RM300 nett per person for all the treatments we received. Of course individual packages would be more expensive. They also cater for bridal showers, hen nights, baby showers and even weddings!

In fact, I’m waiting for a quote from them on a wedding.

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