Friday, February 29, 2008

A Great Week - Guinness, Ming Room & Vila Manja

This has been a great week!

Monday started and ended without a hitch.

Tuesday was the Guinness St. Patrick’s Day media launch so the Beer Girls were partying with the client at Pulse Ultra Club and having free flow of Guinness Draught.

Wednesday was a belated CNY dinner with the clients at Ming Room where we had yummy shrimp in mango sauce, fried soft shell crab, Monk Jump Over The Wall, cod fish, sucking pig and more.

Thursday had no plans so it was a good chill out day and night.

And today, Friday, the Company Trip Organizing Committee are only working half day so we can spend the other half at a spa! We’re going to Vila Manja for 5 ½ hours of wraps, steams, soaks, rubs and massages. We’ve booked the place for ourselves to have a Manja Indulgence Party! And the best part is that it’s paid for by the company as a reward for planning the company trip!

Next week, is going to be hell at work. But it’s been a fantastic week so I really can’t complain.

I’m off to the spa. Have a good weekend everyone!


joycewong said...

you guys get rewarded with 5 and half hours spa for planning company TRIP that's going to be hell fun in itself aNYWAY?!

i think i need to work where you work.

Bubbles said...

The company trip planning was tough, okay? Took months of planning! Not to mentioned everyone was too drunk and incoherent to listen to instructions which resulted in a broken toe nail, a cut chin and badly bruised bodies. But I guess those were also the fun bits to watch happen. Hahaha!

Not like u're not having fun now!

But I do like my office cos of the free flow alcohol and the Wii. Wheeee!

Zoe said...

I was one of the committee of my company trip to Bali too in December but got nothing. You have broken toe nail? We have broken toe!! :P

Bubbles said...

Our production manager's tow nail came OFF! The entire nail! That wasn't a nice sight. Blood every where! Then one of the directors was doing some balancing act and fell into the bushes and also emerged with a lot of blood. But it was a fun and wild party!

Where was ur co. trip?

Zoe said...

We went to Bali 29th Dec 07 and back to KL on 1st Jan 08. My colleague's middle toe bone fractured in the beach futsal match and still not yet fully recovered till now. Poor her.

Bubbles said...

Wow company trip during New Year's Eve.

Ouch. That hurts. Well if it was a good party then the broken toe will bring back memories several years from now. Hahaha!