Monday, February 18, 2008

I petted Lim Kit Siang's Fluff Friend

The Monday morning WIP meetings have resumed after the CNY holidays much to the frustration of the account management department.

So I woke up early, went for the meeting which lasted all of 10 minutes, laughed at some of Boobster’s clubbing stories from over the weekend and then I checked my Facebook.

There was a message from one Barry (surname omitted) which is not in my list of friends and neither is he someone I know. His message was simply “You're certainly hot and lovely!”. Which is a compliment I guess but a bit scary coming from a complete stranger so I checked out his profile. He’s 47 years old, is married and is interested in men and women. That’s a bit worrying! But he’s got pics up of his wife and sons with nice comments about them. Never mind. I shall ignore this one.

Anyway I was looking at his profile and he’s got Lim Kit Siang on his friends list. Yes it’s the same Lim Kit Siang as in the politician from DAP.

So I went to check out Kit Siang’s profile. And guess what? He’s got a Fluff Friend! So cute! I can just picture an old man sitting in front of this computer petting his fluff friend. That’s totally adorable! It’s a puppog called Frontbench. I petted Frontbench. I’m going to introduce Billy to Frontbench and let them play together.

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