Monday, February 04, 2008

31st Powerpuff Birthday Party @ Mc D & Pulse Ultra Club

My 31st birthday was certainly a different and memorably one. It was at Mc Donald’s Mutiara Damansara where we ate Mc Value Meals and a Powerpuff cake and Hamburglar even made an appearance! The garden was nicely decorated in the Powerpuff theme and most friends came in costume as per the brief. We could smoke and we even sneaked in Chivas to drink with the green tea and Coke!

Then we went off to Pulse for whiskey, champagne and Flamings (both thanks to Fruitcake!) and drunken dancing.

Thanks to Paul, Fruitcake, Ed, Mike Choo, Chris, Eilene, Marcus, Melissa, Nic, Gloria, Eliza, Pete, Sin Cyn, Michelle Who Stays on the Sea Shore, Ashley, Wendy, Ee, Misadventure Raj, Teoh, Joe Wong, Jason Moo, Win, Hooters Hean, Salt Boy, JoyBoyLuv Jeff, Cheryl, Joe Wong, Marsupial, Jas, Boobster, Nicky, Beryl and Angeline who came and celebrated with me. You guts made my night!

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The Mama said...

oh my god. am i going to be turning 31 too this year? goddamnit!

Bubbles said...

We are. The best is yet to come. Embrace and celebrate it! :)

aruri said...

Happy Birthday bubbles!

Youth is the most powerful thing we have now. Cherish it.

Bubbles said...

It is indeed and at least we still have it on our side... for now.