Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crazy Shoe Shopping - Slutty Cheryl's Fault

It happened again and this time it’s Slutty Cheryl’s fault!

The Beer Team girls went for lunch at 1U today to buy the Guinness and Tiger CNY packing which we designed. Because we had such a quick lunch, we decided to walk around a while before going to Giant to buy the packaging. Slutty Cheryl said she needed to go to Nose to look for a shoe so we all tagged along. And while we were waiting, we tried on a few pairs which turned to a dozen pairs. Out of which Cheryl bought 1, Sin Cyn bought 2 and I bought 3! And it’s all Slutty Cheryl’s fault!

It’s not too bad a I guess since the last time I bought shoes was in Singapore during Christmas.

And before that was at the Wondermomo sale.

So we brought our beer and shoes back to the office.

And laid the shoes out all prettily and people came to try and guess which shoe belonged to whom!

And everyone wanted to try the pretty shoes.

Michelle Who Stays On The Sea Shore trying to balance on one of Sin Cyn’s peep toe dark green high heel shoes.

And Slutty Cheryl doing her thing in her bright green high heel shoes.

Shoes. It’s such an obsession. We still blame you Slutty Cheryl. Now our ang pau money is all gone!

But lovely green shoes by the way!


aruri said...

I love shoes too. But after buying my first pair of Birkenstork, and subsequently my second pair, I've stopped buying other shoes. No kidding, not even a pair!

Bubbles said...

What do you wear for non casual shoes?

For comfort, I go for Crocs.

But their heels and more formal shoes are just not that comfortable compared to their Mary Janes.

aruri said...

Crocs have formal wear? Hard to believe. I have not seen them here in Singapore.

I rarely wear formal shoes because my attire at work is casual, EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR. Only when I attend weddings, so, I'm looking forward to yours :)

So far, I own a pair of Lewre Mary Janes heels ( I heart!!) and just a few pairs from Vincci and Mixit. I'm a disgrace to the shoe fetish community.

Bubbles said...

They are called Sasari. Well, they are not formal per se but they sure look more formal than the 'Beach', Hydro or Mary Janes. They are wedges and come in a multitude of colours. But for a more serious and formal look, there's a pair which is black.

But yeah my working attire is casual too so I wear Crocs Mary Janes to work everyday.

Lewre is pretty good. I've got a pair is red heels. But they are killer high heels and i stress on the word 'killer'. One miss-step could be the end of u. Hahaha!

But nevertheless. My passion for shoes goes on even tho they hurt! But they are so pretty!