Friday, September 21, 2007

3 Pairs of Designer Shoes

I am not a shopper. I don’t like shopping and I hate crowds. And women can be extremely scary when they see the words S-A-L-E or “50%” off. They become savage, blood thirsty creatures when those words are flashed in front of their eyes. So I usually avoid sales and malls when I can.

But when a friend who owns a small boutique in Plaza Mont Kiara told me he’s having a sale, I brought a few colleagues with me at lunch time today.

It’s a darling little shop with an antique phone (that’s still working) on the wall and chandeliers and other funky lights on the ceiling.

Even their indication for the discounts is in shapes rather than colours!

I love this boutique because it has limited pieces of each item and they are priced below what’s in the boutiques.

And they are currently on sale till end of the month!

My friend flies around the world and brings back limited items of dresses, shirts, tops, bags, shoes and accessories.

The brands he carries ranges from Calvin Klien to Marc Jacobs to Dior to Kate Spade to Lacoste to Polo.

Here's a hat from Coach.

Here's a hat from Coach on Shell. Doesn't she look Jap?

As we entered the boutique, the women instincitively headed to the shoe section.

I didn’t intend to buy anything but I tried on a few pairs while waiting for the rest.

Then the inevitable happened ……. I fell in love with not one but 3 pairs of shoes.

I’m not one to spend more than RM80 on a pair of heels because why pay so much money for something you step in rain water, mud and dirt with? I much rather a RM50 pair of Vincci which I can buy, wear and throw as soon as something breaks.

But wait till u get a look at these 3 shoes I picked out.

From left to right: Marc Jacobs, Nine West and Charles Calvin.

Lovely right?

And they had the heart sticker on it so they were 50% off.

So in the end, I bought 3 pairs of designer shoes for RM466!

I can’t believe I bought 3 pairs of designer shoes at a go. But honestly, the price was too good to be true.

I brought all 3 pairs back to the office and there was a frenzy as everyone wanted to have a look. Women love shoes and I don’t think that’s something that will change in the next century.

Cherry pretending to be a super model and Sin trying to see if she’s taller even if she doesn’t wear shoes.

Lola tethering and trying not to fall the 5 inch heels.

On Hitz Morning Crew this morning put strapped a girl into a polygraphy test and asked her if she loved her shoes more than her boyfriend. I think she said ‘no’ but the test showed that she was lying. Hahaha!

I now can’t wait to finish writing this so I can go home, get changed and wear one of the pairs out for dinner.

I’m not supposed to reveal where it is as my friend wants to keep his boutique a secret. Which is odd but fine with me cos I get more choice items and less people buying the same item.

But if u r a close friend, buzz me and I’ll tell u.

I'll end with this darling pair of mouse shoes my Marc Jacobs. I so wanted this pair too but it didn't fit.


wennice said...

hi,..i was clicking clicking some blogs and found ur blog bout ur friends blog who sells shoes at Plaza mont kiara. can you tell me where isit about? as in which building? it looks interesting. i love bags and shoes. thanks for the info anyway.

Bubbles said...

It's in Block E in Plaza Mont Kiara. Near Subway. ;) Happy shopping.