Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another Facebook Addict

Okay! Dammit! I admit it! I’m addicted to Facebook! I didn’t want to even join in the first place! I think Sin Cyn is sniggering now.

I’m constantly adding friends, throwing beer, pummeling someone with a pillow, sending drinks or petting my wallaby.

Right now I’m changing the details on how I know my friends. I’m putting down details which are fun to read but is not too incriminating to any party. Yes I have a lot of incriminating stories about people which can get very dangerous since most are in a serious relationship or married. And many women these days seem to be very insecure (shouldn’t we be moving towards independence and open mindedness?) and are unable to listen to stories of their other half’s exploits even though it happened in the past.

Yes I do have plenty of stories which incriminate myself but they are usually very funny so I tell them to everyone anyway.

Work is getting in the way of nurturing my wallaby! I wish I can have a day off just sitting home and playing with the various applications on Facebook.

By the way I tried to do some kind of cheat on Fluff Friends and I lost 2 cheese cakes which cost me 75 munny each so now I’m broke!

I have to wait till tomorrow before I can pet my friend’s fluff friends and get munny doing it. Meanwhile, please please please pet Billy cos every time u pet him, I get 3 munny and I’m saving up to buy him a zen penthouse to live in.

Please pet Billy!

I need to go for dinner now with Paul and view the new condo but I can’t log myself off from Facebook. It’s eviiiil!

Please pet Billy while I try and log off.


Anonymous said...

hey, you know what you can do? you can google "fluff friend zoo" and click on the first link. there you can pet thousands of people's fluff friends. i got over 2000 munny doing it and it was just a thought. you can try it! :)

Bubbles said...

Hi! Thanks for the info. Yeah after my obsession with Fluff Friends, I've been using the zoo too. My only prob now is finding time to do the petting! The other good thing is that when u pet random strangers' pets, they come pet your pet back so you'll get money too. This is great. Happy petting!