Thursday, September 13, 2007

9 Months (No I'm not talking about a baby)

Yesterday marks 9 months of Paul and I being together. Times flies. Soon it will be one year. And when the time and $ is right, the deal will also be sealed and officiated.

We celebrated by having dinner at a new Jap restaurant called Ichiban Izakaya in Plaza Damas. It’s 2 months old and as far as I can tell, the price and ambiance is below Rakuzen but below Izakaya Tamako located opposite of it. Don’t know if the same name of the restaurants mean that it’s owned by the same people.

While I do like Rakuzen, one can hardly get a table without prior reservation. And I don’t think their food and ambience is good enough for me to plan ahead to eat there.

Anyway (the original) Izakaya quality of food is better and more authentic though Rakuzen wins on asthetics and presentation.

So at this new Izakaya, we had the following:

Fried shitake mushroom. A tiny morsel of a mushroom which was cold and thus didn't taaste as good.
Yummy creamy cheddar cheese wrapped in popiah skin which is crispy to the bite and chewy after.
Fried oysters. Not one of my fav but Paul likes it.
Wakatori Karrage. One of the best Japanese fried chicken I've tasted.
Deep fried soft shell crab. Yummier than any other I've tasted. I just feel bad for the little fella.
Gyoza. Not one of the best dishes I sampled that night.
Mini Onigiri Mentaiko. The description said 'salmon ball' but it came as a salmon triangle! The waitress explained that it only comes in ball shaped when it appears in comics. They should call it salmon ball in comics and salmon triangle on the menu.
Normay Temaki. Salmon sashimi and salmon roe. One of the better hand rolls as the salmon extends all the way to the bottom of the roll so that you're not left with plain rice on your last bite.
Katsu Don. Paul's favourite and must order at every Jap meal.
Yup we really like our food and always order for four.

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