Friday, September 14, 2007

My Friend's Baby Brother

“You’re so cute. And so tall too. So tall. So cute. Did I mention tall?” as I looked up at Andy. In my drunken state, I still managed to remember that conversation I had with a tall, toned, chiseled faced dude at a party some time ago.

I’ve blogged about it when it happened but shan’t put the link here less I draw too much attention to the poor boy.

Yes Andy is a boy. I heard he just turned 24 very recently.

Today, I was on Facebook (yes, again!) when I clicked on a friend and viewed his list of friends. I thought I recognized one of the pics. The name above the pic stated Andy. The name sounded familiar too. Sounded like the tall dude. Named Andy.

Then ………

Oh …. My ….. God ……!!

He’s a friend’s baby brother!

We met about 7 years ago at a party at my friend’s house. And obviously on that more recent night, we didn’t recognize each other.

It’s no issue that he’s younger. It’s just that it’s my friend’s baby brother. That’s so wrong!

We all know KL is small and everyone knows everyone right? I’m not longer shocked. In fact, for every new person I meet, I now expect them to know at least 2 of my friends. Being connected as friends is fine but this incident with Andy is a tad too close for comfort.

Now I’m just wondering now many guys I’ve kissed which were actually related to each other. That’s probably not a rare occurrence, seeing that the party and social community in KL is so small.

I’ve counted 2 pairs of brothers so far. As far as I know anyway.

Maybe it’s happened to you but maybe you just didn’t know they were related. Hehehe!

I’m so glad I’m now happily attached and will no longer be susceptible to situations like that anymore.

Sin Cyn asked if I’m embarrassed. Since I’ve been in much more embarrassing situations than this before, this is rather funny!

I think I’ll call my friend now and tell him.


almostnaked said...

i was there when you were hitting on him... haha. he thought you were quite mad.

Bubbles said...

U were? Did i know u were there? Who are u? Yeah I was mad. Thank goodness I'm less mad now. But it was fun anyway especially when he leaned in close to me and whispered 'My girlfriend is right next to me'. I thought that will hilarious!