Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 184 Girls

As we grow up and grow older, our lifestyle, needs, wants, expectations, attitude and mind set changes.

The group of friends which we were once close with very often grow apart after a few years. Be it school, university, a club, a hobby or whatever the fabric which holds the group together, things and people change over time. It could be that we are busy chasing out career now which requires us to put in long hours and have less time to meet up. It could be that we moved cities or countries. It could be because we got married and have kids and that takes up most of our time.

Despite all the changes we’ve gone through and the different places we are in our lives now, I’m thankful for the 184 Girls.

Why 184, right?

When we were studying in Taylor’s College back in 1995 studying A Levels or Southern Australian Matriculation or Canadian Pre University, we stayed in Apartment number 184, My Place Apartments, Subang Jaya. It was conveniently located in front of our college. And the closer you are, usually the later you are.

I remember one day when we were really late for classes, Wendy and I quickly washed up, changed and ran to college. As we were running up the stairs did we realize that Wendy was in the pink fluffy bedroom slippers.

We also used to eat a lot and once ordered so many Kenny Rogers chicken and side orders that the guys had to come and deliver it in a car.

When the apartment was too dirty even for our standards, we’ll pile all our belongings on top of our study desks and throw buckets of water on the marble floor and slide from one end of the room to the other on our butts to clean the floors.

When we were feeling communal, we’ll drag our mattresses into the hall and line the mattresses up side by side so we could talk into the night and fall asleep together.

We left college in 1996 and every year since then, we’ve been meeting up every 18th April (184) usually for a meal or a short stay and get together.

For our 10th 184 anniversary last year, we managed to make a trip to Tioman Island. All 6 of us made it, including Choon Yeen who now resides in London.

This is pour 11th year and it is the first time we have not met up. They say that once you stop meeting up, it’s hard to keep the traditional alive.

I believe that that’s true especially since Choon Yeen is still in London, Charlotte is based in JB, Wendy & Zoe are married, Hosanna is a career women ready to take over the company and I’m at a place which is heading towards marriage and career advancement.

Nevertheless, meeting up 10 years in a row consistently on 18th April year after year is no easy feat.

While we didn’t meet up on 18th April this year, we still try and meet up when we can.

Like when Charlotte was in town on Monday night. While everyone was busy, it was good to catch up over dinner.

I appreciate of their friendship. May these be many more years of friendship to come despite the years and number of kids.

A few years ago when everyone was single, we commented that if we kept on meeting up, very soon everyone would be bringing their kids with them.

Well, Zoe and Wendy, it’s all up to you now to make the prophesy come through.

To all the 184 Girls. Thanks for 12 years of friendship.

L to R: Charlotte, Wendy, Zoe, Bubs, Hosanna


choon yeen said...


we went to pangkor for our 10th reunion, not tioman. ;)

Uni said...

Haha. Yeah. That's what I wanted to tell Bubs too. :p

Bubbles said...

It's 12 years since college. See, even the age is showing. Hahaha!