Monday, September 17, 2007

A Meal at Kura, One World Hotel

Seems like I can eat Jap food almost everyday.

On Friday, Paul and I went to explore the new One World Hotel since we were at 1U.

Kura, the Jap restaurant looked interesting and the prices of our favourite Jap fare stated on the menu were very reasonable. On second thoughts, they were more than reasonable for a hotel. So we stepped in and entered a cavernous area which was made of stone, was dark and has cubby holes. We walked up some stairs then down more stairs and squeezed into a cosy little ‘room’ with a very long table but only seats 2 in a corner.

The presentation was really nice and I kept thinking how cheap it is for a hotel. Here’s some of the costs to give you an idea on pricing:

Edamame – RM8

7pcs salmon sashimi – RM25

Soft Shell Crab Temaki – RM9

150g Wagyu sirloin steak – RM150

Unagi kabayaiki – RM32

Udon – RM22 – RM25

And after the meal, I knew that the cheap prices were justified. The quality sucked! The sashimi was not as fresh as it should be and did not melt in your mouth. I was however interested to find that they have puffer fish. That’s the fish, if not sliced properly, could kill the diner. I asked the waiter if the chef sliced it correctly. He answered yes and that each chef handling puffer fish need to have a license to do so. With that, I popped a piece in my mouth. And then another after dipping it in salt and bits of seaweed. It was like any other small piece of fried fish but yummy nonetheless.

I’m still here so the chef must have been qualified after all.

Kura’s great for ambiance but unfortunately not for their food.


Sue said...

Since you're a fan of jap food, have you tried Sugimoto at Hartamas?

I am not base in KL but in my occasional trips to KL, that's my current fav reasonably priced jap food for the past year. The grilled unagi simply melts in my mouth. ;)

By the way congratulations on your 9 month anniversary.


Bubbles said...

Yeah Sugimoto in Hartamas is great. I especially like their lunch sets. Pay RM14 for a bento set with a choice of 2 mains. And RM16 for a bento set for a choice of 3 mains.

Unfortunately Sigimoto in Bangsar closed down. Any idea why?