Friday, September 07, 2007

Alternatives to Clubbing

Now that I’m retired from clubbing, (Yup I’ve said it out loud and it doesn’t sound strange or alien anymore) I’ve found some alternatives to clubbing. Among them are:

Watching Pooh’s Heffalump Movie with Lumpy, the star of the movie! I found out that Lumpy is British! Well all the Pooh characters should be British as they originated from there. They just became Americanized when Walt Disney took over the franchise.

Bringing Ashton to watch Ratatouille, a movie staring a rat! Funny movie. Ashton enjoyed it and is now insired to cook. Anyone can cook! I’ve always been fond of rats and mice. Many years ago, I was cornering a mouse to keep as a pet when my grandma stormed past me, picked up the mouse and wringed it’s neck with her bare hands! That was so traumatic. I’ve never told Ashton the story though.

Bringing Cedric to watch Frogway, a play staring a singing frog! It was entertaining and a few of the actors stood out against the rest. Cedric enjoyed and is now inspired to sing.

Making normal food look more interesting and more fun to eat. Paul and I were walk around and saw this tiny Hellow Kitty pan. Granted I don’t have an open fire in the house for cooking but I really liked the pan! So we went for dinner in a restaurant, ordered our food, passed the pan to the waitress and requested for the chef to fly and egg on the pan.

I’m not a complete teetotaler yet. Not that drastic! I did go for a drink with Salt Boy on Wed at The Attic to see Issac Energy perform and had a yummy lychee martini. But after just one drink, I could feel the first effects of alcohol on the body! I really can’t drink much anymore. This from a girl who could do a bottle a night! Yeah I guess I'm still settling into this new non clubbing lifestyle. Not that I want to revert but I just need a period of adjustment.

Let’s see what other non-alcoholic activities I can think off in the coming weeks.

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