Thursday, September 06, 2007

Facebook Is Taking Over My Life

Facebook is taking over my life! I’m more than addicted! I’m obsessed!

I started playing with Happy Hour among many other applications but Happy Hour was fun cos alcohol is something I can relate to.

Then I was playing superlatives especially when Fruitcake tells me that I’m the second most voted to ‘Wear a bunny suit for no apparent reason’ among everyone who has the superlatives application on Facebook.

And now I’m hooked onto (fluff)friends on Facebook. As soon as I get into work, I pet Billy. If I have munny, I feed him.

Sin Cyn and I are going to pet each other’s fluff friends in order for the other person to each money.

I just had a half hour conversation with Marsupial discussing the different ways we can make out fluff friends go faster, be petted more without us spending time clicking every 5 seconds, be fed more, be in better moods and the many factors which come into play when they race and what are the winning factors.

On of Marsupial’s friend now has 22,000 munny! They should have an application where u can transfer munny to friends!

Guess I’m not so bad as Marsupial’s friend actually stay up the entire night to play with Pets in order to make his rabbit stronger and have more armour.

Still, this is madness. Facebook is taking over my life! Help!

Anyway, please come pet Billy. I still need more munny.

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