Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

So Merdeka come and went. This is the 50th National Day but there wasn’t a big build up leading to 31st August 2007. And how many citizens knew that the theme for this year is Malaysiaku Gemilang? Or was it Malaysia Gemilang. See?

Not wanting to be caught in traffic, I opted to stay in to watch TV and fireworks from the balcony of my home on the eve. At 11.55pm on 30th August 2007, I peeked out the balcony. The KL Tower was flashing brightly and hoops of colours were moving from the bottom and dispersing off the top of the tower. Quite pretty I must admit. And it looked like it was ready to burst out creating flowers in the sky. I sat back down to watch TV while I waited for the action to begin.

At the stroke of midnight, there was a ‘boom’ and ‘plummm’ some where over the horizon. But I could not see clearly where.

My eyes were still set on KL Tower and the Twin Towers. Still nothing except for the flashing lights which was moving faster with much intensity .

At 12.10am, I gave up staring at the horizon. The other years was better than this and I could watch from my balcony as different locations erupted in sparks of colours all around me.

At about 12.20am, there was a bit of a ‘pfffft’ and ‘boom’ and there were some fireworks from Dataram Merdeka.

My questions is: Where’s the BOOM!!! PLUMMMMMM!!!! and BANG!!!!!!??

Except for a few contests I joined by Shell and Maggi which were in conjunction with national day, I’d needed reminding that this is Malaysia’s 50th birthday.

There are less jalur gemilangs flying on buildings and on cars this Merdeka.

Even the heart warming TVCs which used to be aired around this time, aren't so tear jerking anymore. In fact, many of the ideas and stories of the ads in recent times are recycled ideas or based on existing stories.

Happy birthday anyway. You’ve been fairly good to me thus far and I really wish this country all the best in maintaining peace, creating better and fairer opportunity for all and in raising smarter and more hard working citizens who will make good use of every perk this country has to offer.

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