Thursday, August 30, 2007

Condolences to Dear Cherry

My condolences go out to dear Cherry whose father passed away early this morning.

It was due to cancer. And this is the second death of a parent among the people in the agency this week.

(Wonder if this being the ghost month has anything to do with it).

It seems like almost every death I hear or know of personally is due to cancer. The deaths of all my known relatives in the past 10 years were due to cancer. It’s out to get all of us and I’m really not surprise if I get it at some point.

Thanks to the advancement of medicine and technology, cancer is curable if detected early and treatment is sought right away. But some times, people choose not to seek treatment for different reasons and that is their prerogative even though it is hard for those around them.

Nevertheless I’ve called my insurance agent and will up my coverage for cancer by another few hundred thousand.

If it’s malignant and at an advanced stage, I’m just gonna take the money and go party, travel, donate it and do everything I wanted to do before my time is up.

That said, knock on wood!

Party and travel now!!!

Life is short. We can take every precautionary measure but when our time is up, it’s time to make peace, make sure the will is in order and get ready to say hi to your maker.

Happy Merdeka everyone! I’m going to leave the office to pay my last respects now.

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