Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bubbles Didn't Do the Sun Salutation Today

I was supposed to go for a trial class at Yoga Zone today but
1. It was raining
2. I had work
3. Cyn was sick and had work
4. I was lazy

So I'm in the office blogging and playing with Facebook.

Facebook is evil. Like E TV!, it sucks u in and you need to fight hard to logout / shut off / shut down.


The Godfather said...

i like to widen my circle of friends in facebook and you are into facebook, and i am sure we would have common friends... so, add me jonathan teoh or... you could let me add you, if you would gimme your search name...


Bubbles said...

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks for checking out my blog.

I only add friends on my Facebook and Friendster. Not being anti social or anything but it is a very dangerous (cyber)world out there.

Tried to look for Jonathan Teoh on Facebook but there were a few and I didn't want to guess. Could u give me details to pinpoint which is u? Will check it out and if we do indeed have mutual friends, may add u. :) Thanks!