Tuesday, August 28, 2007

16C in the Office

The office is either very cold or extremely cold. The people here have resorted to wearing sweaters. Some wear a sweater and a jacket and a beanie. Some just walk around wrapped in a fleece blanket.

We all know it’s cold but exactly how cold? So I brought a thermometer to work today.

And it’s freaking 16C!

So I just pretend I’m in London and too poor to check in my coat so I go without. At least we don’t have wind chill factor here!


JoyceTheFairy said...

omg only you la would bring a thermometer to check that in office!

and you know WHAT. in london during winter, i'd walk around the office with just a sleeveless turtleneck (not all the heaters were on, mind you) and when colleagues asked how i could tahan, i'd merely say - "Oh, i just pretend i'm in an air con room in malaysia."

How's that for being the opposite!

Bubbles said...

Cos it's so damn cold here. While i like it and i can pretend we have winter here, i was curious to know just how cold it is. It's quite amusing when people are bundled up in winter ear and blankets in a corporate office ... okay we're not that corporate but still! All we need is a fire place and it will be perfect! No wonder the alcohol supply in the office has been depleting. People are trying to keep warm!

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Bubbles said...

Dear Camiseta,

Hi there. No clue what you just said and i could not access any of the links but it's nice to have a foreigner read my blog. :) Thanks for visiting.