Thursday, August 16, 2007

Most Likely To Get Caught Wearing a Bunny Costume for No Apparent Reason

Okay, so Friendster is so 5 years ago and everyone is migrating to Facebook. As it stands, more than 3 million Malaysians are on Friendster. Wonder how long it will take for the some amount to overtake Facebook.

I finally succumbed to peer pressure as I was tired of every other person asking me to join Facebook.

I just felt that Friendster was good enough (actually I was just too lazy to set up the new Facebook account, re-write profiles, and add friends). But it turned out for the better as I’ve found friends I’ve not talk to in more than 10 years from all around the world.

While it’s fun and has a multitude of applications, I find that its way too cluttered and too much stuff going on. That’s why if you’re busy working 10 hours are the office a day, it’s going to be hard to keep track of what’s going on in your account.

After not checking in for more that a day, I found that I have 3 beers, 1 mimosa, 1 amaretto sour, 1 mojito, 1 cosmopolitan, 1 pair of blue balls, 1 special brownie, a bunny rabbit, a pink daisy, a purple tulip, a mouse, a sheep, 2 sun flowers, 2 bites, 2 dares, 5 questions, 1 drink recipe and 2 fortunes. And about 8 more new applications where people can send me drinks, flowers, animals and fish and can poke, super poke, hug, kiss, spoon, compare, double dare, bike, cast spells on me and more.

Of all the 20 or so applications, I find Superlatives the most fun. As it stands, 14 friends have voted that I’m ‘Most Likely To Get Caught Wearing a Bunny Costume for No Apparent Reason’.

You guys! ……….. You know me so well!

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