Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bubbles got a Marsupial and Marsupial got a Poley Bear

I spent 160 munny buying Billy a habitat and it’s disappeared! I’ve very upset with the Fluff Friends application. Billy lost his home! They should sell insurance too so we can buy in case our pet’s home gets stolen, eaten, blown away or eaten by other pets who’s owners don’t feed them.

Marsupial got a poley bear! That’s so sweet. Marsupial! Of all people. And he’s turned artsy fartsy too (he recommended that I go watch Frogway). He says he’s always been artsy fartsy (without wearing pink coloured shirts) but I never knew that side of him from the many years we were friends.

Marsupial got a poley bear called Freckles and I got a marsupial wallaby called Billy!

Oh, Billy’s habitat is back. Forgot to press the ‘set habitat’ button. Hahahaha!

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