Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not a Smoking Bun

The price of cigarettes is gonna go up again next year! Recently, it went up from RM7.40 to RM8.20. 80sen per pack is a huge difference and friends have been dealing with it in different ways.

Some have been cutting down and some have been trading down to value brands. Lotsa Marlboro smokers are now smoking L&M.

I’m guessing the cigarette boys are really feeling the pinch and are seeing sales of their value brands sky rocket.

Shell Shell says that she’ll quit when prices per pack reaches RM10. Well, now that she’s traded down, she’ll have quite a number of years more than if she was basing them on premium brands.

As for me, I’ve traded down too but within the same brand ie. from Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol to Dunhill Menthol Lights. There’s about a RM1 difference between the two.

I’ve also told myself that I’ll quit 6 months before getting pregnant. I still can’t see myself with a bun in the over but I definitely don’t want to be in a situation where I suddenly discover that ‘I’VE A BUN IN THE OVEN!!!” and start scrambling. Planning is essential to ensure a nice bun and the oven is ready and is in good working order. Other essentials include nice trays and moulds and enough icing sugar to be sprinkled on top when the bun is ready. Also, nice paper and a box so that the bun is as presentable as can be as we live in a superficial world.

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