Thursday, August 02, 2007

Women In Heels Are Perpetually In Pain

My feet hurt! A colleague gave me a pair of 4 inch heels cos they didn’t fit her so I decided to wear it to the office today.

I’ve been hobbling around all morning and throughout lunch. Eventually, each step moved me about 6 inches. It was a long way from the coffee shop to the car.

Then I thought screw it! So I’m now shuffling round in the office in my bedroom slippers (I can’t remember why I have bedroom slippers in the office).

It’s like a universal rule. Pretty looking shoes must hurt. Women MUST suffer to look good. It doesn’t matter if its Vincci, Nose, Lewre or Gucci.

If you see a woman with a gorgeous pair of shoes sashaying your way, she’s probably grimacing in pain inside.

Show me a pair of pretty and petite 3 inch heels which doesn’t bite, slip or wobble and I’ll buy them now.

I can’t wait to go home and slip into my Crocs.

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