Monday, August 13, 2007

Prince William and Princess Bubbles

Holding onto the gate with both hands at the side of my face and sticking my head as far as possible through the metal iron grills without being stuck and looking like a duffus, I yelled “Prince William! Prince William!!!! Prince WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. That was me 10 years ago right outside the perimeter of Eton College. But Prince William didn’t emerge! So I yelled “Prince Harry! Prince Harry!!!! Prince HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. But he didn’t show either.

Now Kate Middleton is making Prince William marry her. Hmmm … looks like I’ve gotta set my sights on Harry now. He has grown out of his awkward stage and beginning to look more handsome in a rugged kinda way.

(Paul, don’t jealous ya? I still love u.)

It’s hard marrying into the British Royal family and life will be so stifling. Just look at the late Princess Di. And I’m sure the Queen is going to get a heart attack if she meets me in my bouncing mode. Still, it would be nice to run through the halls of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and climb the tower and play Ruppenzul. It’s a nice fairytale-real-life-prince kinda fantasy.

I’ll be nice. I wish William and Kate all the best.

The world is looking forward to another fairytale wedding with hopes that it truly has a ‘happily ever after’. The world doesn’t need another drama like the end of Charles and the darling Diana.

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