Tuesday, August 21, 2007

People Hating Mode

I’m in my people hating mode again.

Woke up easily enough this morning. Watered the new plants. Made a ham and cheese sandwich.

The moment I pulled out of the condo in my car was when the people hating mode started.

A Caucasian brunette woman in a black SUV pulled into my lane from the left and I had to swerve right. I chased her and stared at her and shook my fist at her. She was either oblivious to what she did and my reaction. Or she didn’t want to react.

Then a man in white sedan stuck the nose of his car out from a left lane as I was turning into a bend. And he stayed there! So I had to stop at the bend and let him go. And even then he took 3 seconds to decide to move.

After turning into the office car park, someone took the last park space available on the floor I wanted to be at.

Then coming into the office, there was a pile of job requisions which I sent in yesterday afternoon which the new traffic person left on my table with comments in exclamation marks (!!!!) just cos she’s new and didn’t understand the status of the job.

Notice how when you’re in a foul mood, people who greet you chirpily or hum a song makes you fume even more?

I need my coffee and smoke. Now. Bye.

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