Friday, August 24, 2007

James Must Feed Billy the Wallaby To Be My Insurance Agent

Like so many other people out there, I'm addicted to Facebook. Even though I was very reluctant to start. Now thanks to Sin Cyn and about 10 other friends, I'm hooked onto the Superlatives application but that seems to be giving way to Fluff Friends. I have a wallaby named Billy and he's so cute.

Hee Hean asked me this morning if I have a real wallaby. I told him that just cos Billy lives on Facebook, it doesn't mean he's not real. I bought him a habitat and he needs to be fed and petted constantly. And if he's ignored and not fed, he dies! I miss him when I go offline and feed sad to leave the fella alone.

I'm quite upset with a Prudential agent. A friend of a friend contacted me to sell insurance to me. While I'm keen on the policy, I also need to know my insurance agents / unit trust agents / bankers / etc fairly well and I need to see them as friends.

And most of my friends are on Friendster and now Facebook. So i asked the Prudential guy to join Facebook or I won't sign with him. I sent him a SMS lately to find out if he has joined Facebook. He hasn't and he didn't even reply my SMS! Not very good right? I'm thinking I shouldn't sign with him since he ignores his customers and I'm a potential one.

So now in order for me to sign with him, he needs to not only join Facebook and add me but also:
1. Get the Fluff Friend application via my invite (so i can earn munny and buy Billy a zen penthouse suite)
2. Get a Fluff Friend
3. Feed Billy
4. Pet Billy.

James, when you read this, u know what to do before u pass the policy to me. ;)