Monday, August 06, 2007

Bubbles Non Clubbing Version: Final

Gary and the love of his life were in town from Singapore last Friday and wanted to go out to a R&B club. As close friends know (and as you can see from the lack of posts and pics on clubbing and drinking since this year), I don’t go out as much as before. Thus I no longer have drinking kakis’ numbers on speed dial. Nor do I have a home club where it take 15 minutes to get to my table cos I’ll be drinking with other friends as soon as I walk through the door.

But I had to try since I was going out. So I called / SMS ex clubbing kakis as well as non clubbing kakis whom I thought would be up for a few drinks and this was the response I got:

Fruitcake: Can’t. Gotta wake up early the next day.

Marsupial: At a BBQ in Subang but don’t want to drink too much anyway.

Wijay the Penguin Friend: Going for a movie and have to wake up early for a trip to Ipoh tomorrow.

Patrick: Feeling under the weather. You enjoy.

Lionel: Have family obligations.

Wendy: Not up to it. You have fun.

Jason Lee: Hey! Yourgh ar goi air tage row … wheres air tage rom. Aih 12 bottle fronthh o me now. Airgh breeen dwinkink (I gathered that he was probably drunk cos his mumbling was fairly incomprehensible).

Jason Moo: Going to watch a band play in a pub. Catch u another time.

Ashley: Yeah I’m going to the new club next to bed. I’ll call you (But he never did. Instead he went to Sky Bar and Sugar and had a shitty time.)

Sin Cyn: Have a presentation to work on. Will call u if I’m going but probably not.

Doh Kit, brother of Doh Nut the Doctor: You’ve going out? Bubbles is going clubbing?! Okay okay, let me cut short my plans. See u there!

1 out of 11 said yes. This means even if I wanted to get back into clubbing, I’ll have no one to go with anymore. What happened to all my alkie friends? Is everyone really getting old and retired from the scene?!

Marsupial and I agreeing not to pursue our Guinness Pint challenge session should have been an indication but I’m stubborn.

I decided we should go to Mojo as that was my last known home club. Walking in, I looked around and saw that no one looked familiar except for the manageress. But I got a nice sofa seat anyway and ordered a pint of Guinness for Paul and I.

Gary and Da came and we chatted for a while before they headed up to play pool. Then Kit arrived and we a lemon drop shot. When I thought Gary and Da were being too anti social, I went up, confiscated their coins and made them come down to drink and dance with us.

Then Sin Cyn, Pete and the diving gang showed up!!! Yay! I was so happy to see them!

We were drinking, dancing and taking pictures.

Gary & Da

Kit & Bubs

Sin Cyn & Pete

Bubs, Paul & Sin Cyn

Sydney, Pete & Bubs

2 guys i don't know but think it was friends of friend. I hope.

Okay fine. This is evidence that I was trying to kiss Da.

Then camera stopped flashing cos Bubbles got drunk. You read right. A rare occurrence but it happened. My last memory of the night was of Sin Cyn handing me a glass of whiskey. Then I woke up in the following morning in bed.

Apparently I didn’t do much except try to kiss Da and when she shied away, Sin Cyn and I kissed to show her that it’s fine. Other than that, I just bounced around like I usually do.

If I was that drunk, I’m surprised I didn’t do more psychotic things. That was really mild compared to trying to deflate and steal the 8 feet long blow-up killer whale, which happened at Mojo with Fruitcake before she became a mommy. We were yelling at random people to sit and bounce on the whale to get the air out. The whale could sit 4 adults comfortably on it’s back. We were doing this at the entrance of Mojo, close to the main road of AHR. As I was rolling the deflated whale up, a bouncer came out and took it away. All that hard work and yelling went to waste.

Bubbles can’t drink anymore. Yes I don’t go out drinking 4 times a week like before. Or drink half a bottle on the average per night. But that’s besides the point! This must be my body’s way of telling me that each clubber has to stop at some point. And my point has passed, whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not.

Guess it’s house parties and wine sipping nights from now on. Look out for more sober pics.

After Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 1.0 and 2.0 and 3.0 .... well, i lost count. Gotta get used to Bubbles Non Clubbing Final Version.

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