Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding Pictures, Death and Insurance Plans

“You look so pretty”, exclaimed a few friends while looking at another friend’s wedding pics taken a few years ago. “And so slim!”

I’m wondering if that’s a compliment because if you think of it, it means “Now you are looking pretty frumpy and a bit lumpy on the side too”.

It’s different if a colleague who sees you nearly everyday and makes the compliment cos it could mean that you usually look good but you look exceptionally good today whether due to a new stylish haircut or a dress that compliments your body shape.

I once saw a wedding photo album in the office. I flipped through it but could not recognize anyone in there so I thought maybe it belonged to a colleague’s sibling who got married and the colleague brought the album to show the people in the office. That is, until I realized that the bride was a girl who sits just a few tables away from me!

Wedding make-up is scary. While they try and make you look much prettier than you are in real life with make-up and plenty of Photoshopping on your big day, it’s really not a good thing when you don’t look like someone else even if you’re drop dead gorgeous in the pics. Your wedding is just one day. Your wedding album is going to last several decades. Wouldn’t natural make up to enhance your features be better? Would you want people to think that you look like crap just a few years after the wedding?

But I guess it would work well after you die. Cos it’s hard to retain a face clearly in your memory after someone’s passing so when living relatives and friends flip thru the album, they will remember the very stunning you on your wedding though it wasn’t very you in the first place.

Okay okay I’m getting a bit morbid. Must be cos I was talking to an insurance agent yesterday and we were talking about dying a lot. It’s no issue if I die. I just want a lot of money while I’m living so I can enjoy here n now. And the insurance agent is going to come up with a plan to deliver just that.

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