Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why I Love My Job Part 1

1. We get to alter people’s minds, turn businesses around and create world cultures.
My favourite example is how de Beers created and popularized the diamond engagement ring. One jewelry company created a culture which has been embraced by the world and will be perpetuated for generations to come. The initial diamond sales to the company didn’t hurt either, I’m sure.

2. We get to waltz in at 10am.
For those who live less than 10km away from the office and are not parents, we get to wake up past 9am everyday and still make it to work on time.

3. We get to wear jeans to work.
Some even come in shorts and tatty t-shirts.

4. Petrol cards.
With the constant petrol price hikes … nuff said.

5. We get to go out for coffee session.
And call it brainstorm sessions.

6. Free flow of Coke and beer (Heineken, Tiger, Guinness, Anchor) and spirits (whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, tequila) and wine (red & white). Oh and an espresso machine too.
We’re really spoilt for choice in the beverage department.

7. We have ‘open bars’.
Every few months or so, we get to pick any bar of our choice and we’ll park ourselves there from 6pm till closing, eating and ordering anything which takes our fancy. The last few open bar sessions were held in Finnegan’s Bangsar, Laundry and 7AteNine.

8. We have Beer Lunches (specific to the beer team).
Every few months or so, the members of the beer team ie. Those who work on the Guinness and Tiger accounts, go to any F&B outlet of our choice for lunch and drink beer. It typically ends about dinner time when most people are drunk but it has known to go on till 6am.

9. We get to watch movies.
We have an excellent sound system in the office with projector and plasma screen at our disposal. While it’s typically used for client meetings, we also use it for our own entertainment. We can get San Fran to deliver food, pop in a DVD and have a fantastic, comfortable and entert5aining lunch. Which is exactly what we did today!

10. More reasons to love my job.
We’re getting a pool table from the client and trying to set up a bar in the reception. Well, there’s a bar now but we need beer on tap.


Anonymous said...

wah, where do you work?

Bubbles said...

In advertising. The stress levels run high but we get lotsa other perks too.