Friday, August 17, 2007

If Your Life Isn’t A Story, You Might As Well Be Kelp

If your life isn’t a story, you might as well be kelp.

Read that in JPod by Douglas Coupland which is an extremely funny book. Many funny and quirky lines in there.

I especially like the Chinese characters which are so big, they take up one page per character.

And the first 100,000 digits of pi. I can’t even remember that the formula for pi which we used in school is 3.141. (I just checked this on the net. If I could not remember it in school, it’s highly unlikely I’ll remember it now). And I didn’t know that the pi numbers continue after “.141”. In fact there are so many numbers that the book listed the first 100,000 digits (what?! There’s more?) and took up about 30 pages of the book. So u r flipping n flipping n flipping n its all numbers.

Okay back to the kelp. I totally agree with the quote.

We only have one life so why let life pass you by? Sure, chill out if you want but also go out there and live life! Don’t wake up one day when u r 70 years old and realize that you’re almost dead and haven’t done half the things you want to do and you’re too old to do them now.

Read that book.

Throw yourself off a plane (with a parachute)

Ride a gondola in Venice.

Walk on the Great Wall of China.

Visit childhood friends in Sydney and Melbourne.

Hug a koala.

Ski in Switzerland.

Eat a croissant in Paris.

So start that business.

Buy a house with a garden.

Get 2 dogs in the garden.

Call the dogs Jack and Russell.

Okay those are my lists. And I’m planning to do them this very moment!

But right now, I’m going for the Digi Jazz Fest at Plaza Mont Kiara. Have a good weekend everyone!

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