Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid Autum Festival 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!

Looks like the older we get, the less people want to walk around with lanterns.

I remember just last year I made Andrew and Razzie walk with me around Taman Tun carrying lanterns.

But lucky for Fruitcake and I, we now have Isabelle to bring out and do the lantern walk with! She seems to be a willing party!

That’s exactly what we did last Saturday when Plaza Mont Kiara organized a lantern festival complete with moon cake sampling and acrobatic performance.

While walking back home, who called be but Razzie! He was having coffee at Coffee Bean. Happy Mid Autumn Fest Razzie Boy!

Why is it when we are adults, we loose the magic of childhood?

Why do we stop questioning why the world works the way it does?

Why do we stop running in the rain?

Why do we stop doing finger painting?

Why do we stop dressing up for Halloween?

Why do we stop talking to animals?

Why do we stop watching cartoons?

Why do we stop playing with lanterns?

Other adults may look at us oddly but so what? It’s them who have lost the magic and missing out on simple, unadulterated, magical fun. And why? Just because they are shy? Or adults should not engage in kids activities?

It’s not that I haven’t grown up. I’m 30 going on 31. I have a stable job and am climbing the corporate ladder. I accumulate credit card debt which I pay in full every month. I have a house and a car. And loans for both.

So don’t look at me funny when I bring out my crayons and colouring book.

The dragon and fish lantern from last year. Yes it survived, though after flattening them for easy storage and expanding them again this year, they may not see the light of Autumn Festival 2008.

Belle is showing interest in either the lantern, the fish, or the colours. Good! She’s going out with us again next year when she can walk and carry her own lantern.

According to Fruitcake, Belle is always eating. I’ve no clue what’s in her hand in the pic cos whatever she gets her hands on, goes into her mouth.

My pretty dragon lantern all lit up.

A really big moon cake my mum bought containing 7 salted egg yolks in lotus paste. Check out the size in proportion to the chop sticks.


aruri said...

Answers to all the pressing questions posed:

You will, when you have your first kid. Yes, we spend our lives growing up, wanting to be like grown-ups when we were little, we do all the grown-up stuffs, then comes a day we become a kid again when we have one of our own.

Life's a miracle. Enjoy doing your grown-up stuffs as much as you can now. Have fun!

Bubbles said...

I don't think I've ever stopped being a kid. I still sleep with my animals and I travel with them. Yesterday, i just bought 3 squeaky tortoises and squeezed them in the car park to make people wonder about the sound.

The good thing about being an adult is that it makes being a kid more fun and accessible cos now we have the spending power to buy the toys we really want and we no longer have to ask for permission. And we can play into the late of the night if we wanted to.

But I'm sure I'll have even more fun once there's a kid to enjoy it with.