Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

While everyone went home early on Friday to have Mid Autumn Festival dinner with the family, i was still in the office :(

Was supposed to have dinner with Loony and thereafter walk around with lanterns. Guess its a strange sight to see adults do this as lanterns are usually carried by kids 7 years and below. Not like we care. We did it 2 years ago at the Taman Tun Park. And we managed to recruit almost 10 people. All adults. But the haze was exceptionally bad so Loony canceled.

Managed to get off to meet Andrew and Chua in Titanic for some drinks. Andrew was sweet enough to offer to walk round with me since i had the lanterns in the car. I held the dragon while he held the fish!

Then Razzie came over and i made him walk round with me too! So thats 2 rounds. I'm a happy bunny.

We had some an hour to kill before watching The Devil Wears Prada so we went to Vogue for some drinks.

45 minutes and a quarter bottle each later, we were giggling away. The show was either very funny or it was the whiskey doing the giggling.

An hour of giggling and the characters popping out at me later, i wanted to go home.

I'm watching the show again tomorrow. Sober.

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