Monday, October 16, 2006


- dinner w/ Andrew in Bangsar
- drinks w/ old childhood friend, Jason, & friends @ Decanter Too
- drinks @ Riblee's for Ken's farewell
- drinks w/ Colin @ Finnegans Hartamas
- almost had drinks @ Clear but they were closed by the time we got there

- can't remember what i did in the day
- dinner w/ Charlie @ Tarbush, Starhill (dinner was yummy and i no longer boycourt the place cos smoking is now allowed in all the F&B outlets there)
- drinks w/ Charlie @ 7AteNin9
- clubbing @ the newly renovated Rain, Modestos w/ Shan & Jas. Raj & Teoh were there. Also met Ravin & Mohan from college.

- breakfast @ Taman Aman Park w/ Colin while walking his dog Cael
- lunch w/ Patrick @ Friendster where we had coffee, learnt Photoshop, finalized the design of my Halloween Party invite, ate cake, talked about movies, learnt how to type out Chinese words using 'pin yin', got educated on hot Chinese film stars, drank more coffee smoked a pack of ciggies.

I did all of that in the last 48 hours and I'm bored! Michelle & Beryl are right, my attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

This is very worrying.

Usually clubbing gives me limitless joy. I go clubbing, have the time of my life each time, wake up and feeling fulfilled. The high sometimes evade me and i know I've come to the end of my clubbing cycle and i just stay home for a few weeks and lo and behold, clubbing is all new and exhilarating again.

But I've abstained from clubbing (some ppl have been telling me that my definition of 'not clubbing' is a lil off but thats another story) and now that I'm starting again, i walk into the club and NADA. The music doesn't hit me. The groove doesn't take over my body. The alcohol isn't as sweet. Whats happening????

Think thats what throwing me off. And losing concentration in everything else which i do. For the past 15 years, clubbing has always been my thing. Has it really hit me? Is it my time to retire? I'm scared! I don't want to leave!

Breathe. Or do a Larry and meditate (tho there's more than one meaning to his definition) (we all have different definitions for everything. This opens up the door to innuendos and misinterpretations) Anyway .... Arrrrgh ... See .... I'm getting bored and losing track again!

Okay. Breathe. Breathing.

I think and i hope that this is merely a longer down cycle. The joy will / should come back again. Meanwhile I've had a plethora of ideas, from myself and from friends, to keep me occupied in the meantime. Some ideas include:
- batting at the new baseball place @ 1U
- go diving (but thats next year after the monsoon season)
- colour more
- make plastercine figurines (or more cakes)
- volunteer @ PAWS
- explore new eateries (that starts this weekend w/ Paul the Tigger)
- walk friends' dogs
- do oil painting while drunk (I'm waiting for u to set this up Lola!)
- shoot guns (Think Selangor shooting range may be more fun that the one @ City Square)
- fly a plane
- throw myself off a plane (Australia next year!!!)

Think that will keep me occupied from the next week or 2.

More ideas anyone? Help me!

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