Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do fish get bored?

Seated here in front of the fish tank at the Rainforest in 1U having a smoke and waiting for Adam of the Pillar to arrive for buka puasa. It's 730pm .... past buka puasa time (think its 701om 0r 704pm today?) but he did say that he's stuck in traffic in KL. Oh well i have about half hour more to kill till his ETA.

Checked out the new Gap boutique opened at 1U yesterday. Nothing much that caught my eye. Also the prices were exorbitant. And the fact that Gap is cheap stuff in the States but we pay premium price when it gets here. Like Topshop i guess. It highstreet wear in the UK and here its like this great brand. Cost of living here in KL is just so high. Dollar for dollar, we're losing out. GBP1.50 for a latte at Starbucks but RM9.98 here in M'sia? Not fair when we earn about the same, dollar for dollar.

Anyway very broke right now. Bought too many new toys which I'm enjoying tremendously but I'm paying for it now. Good thing there's free wifi most places these days. Like right now. I can blog while waiting for Adam.

Wonder if fish every get bored. They swim around in a little tank. Well the ones here get a big tank but what about those in small little aquariums at home? And do gold fish really have a 3 second memory? And whats the plural for ‘fish’? Still ‘fish’ right? When do we use ‘fishes’ then?

Oh-oh. This small kid is looking at my screen. Now he’s jumping up and down on the bench I’m sitting on. Why do kids gravitate towards me when I don’t favour them all that much?

I’m ignoring him.

He’s still jumping.

I took a pic of him.


Hahaha! He’s gone.

So I’m sitting here looking at fish, blogging, watching Robbie on the telly. I like Rude Box. Still sore that he's not coming to Asia.

Where’s Adam? I’m hungry ………….

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