Friday, October 27, 2006

Bubbles drives an E Class

Tuesday 24th Oct

Ah. It's lovely to drive around KL on the first day of Hari Raya. Went for Jap buffet at Saisaki w/ Paul the Tigger. Must say that thats one of the best, in terms of range and value, Jap buffets I've been to. Ya, know its been around for ages but I'm so not a KL girl. I may technically live in KL but I'm a PJ girl at heart.

Andrew came to pick me up in his (replacement since the C Class is in the workshop) E Class to go to Luna. Was really bored and listened to music on my phone whole i danced by myself. But in the end got roped in to play some card drinking game called either 'Up or Down' or 'Bigger or Smaller' ... something like that. We all got a lil high but Bernie got an unfair advantage sicne he can just take the lift down and crash into bed.

After he left, we all decided to call it a night. But Andrew was almost comatose by then so i had to drive the E Class. Eeek! It's full of bells and whistles. Initially didn't know how to turn off the lights or release the break. But once i got it going, it was surprisingly easy to drive!

Dropped Andrew back home and drove myself back.

Wednesday, 26th

Woke up, drove the E Class to Andrew and thoroughly enjoyed the smooth ride. No no no! Don't convert me! I'm a Beemer Girl!

But i think i could get used to it ....... U think?


tweenfounders said...

*Gentle reminder*

I suggest u should prolly blank out your car plate number? it's quite risky to have posted it online..on the internet where it's accessible to anyone. criminals do surf as well...

Bubbles said...

No worries. It was a test car. So it belongs to Merc themselves. Thanks for the advise tho! :)