Friday, October 13, 2006

Drunken shopping

Yesterday is World International Tudung Day! As declared by Yasmin and i anyway. We were practising tudung wearing in prepartion of a presentation next week. Went for Mc Ds for lunch (wearing the tudung). Since it was the fasting month for Malays, i got many stares but didn't get stopped by anyone from the religious department. Boy did i confuse a lot of people!

After a long day at work, i was thankful that Andrew picked me up for drinks at Atrium for a Vulcain watch event organized by The Peak. The 'tudung' quickly got transformed into a peasant girl scarf for the event. Tada!

Was feeling kinda bored, drinking wine and feeling sleeepy till Lionel Lim gave a talk on whiskey appreciation. Chivas 18 years in particular. Now that perked me up! Told him that he needs to give me a loyalty card.3 wines, 1 whiskey, 3 mojitos and 1 caipiranha later, i was buzzing a little. Met Ti who owns a boutique at Plaza Mont Kiara and requested for him to open his shop. As i left Atrium, i walked out with a serving tray. Small cute one with a non slip surface. Looks like I'm still a klepto when under the influence.But a stop at Mc D to buy fries and a Hello Kitty Kubric toy first.
Then onto drunken shopping! Trying on clothes while trying to stand upright is kinda funny.
Ended up with a Polo Ralph Lauren pony polo t and CK underwear.

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