Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy bday Beryl! Man U wins 2-0!

Sunday 22 October 2006

Driving in KL during a long festive season is amazing. U can drive at 120kmh on roads u usually manage at 40kmh. Plus no cops. Doesn't the road look beautiful? When do u ever see Jalan Bukit Bintang looking like this except during long stretches of holidays?

Had champagne lunch w/ Paul the Tigger @ Prego. This is the life. Looks like this will be the norm from now on. Free flow of champagne, apple martini, lychee martini, sangria, wines etc gives u a good buzz by mid afternoon. Having the Starwood member card helps when it gives u 50% off! :)

Problem is once u are buzzing at 3pm in KL, what else do u do to maintain the high? Well i sure couldn't think of anything so i went back for a nap :) What a waste of alcohol, eh?

Woke up, met Red Dod, Ivan, Colin and gang in Bangsar to watch the Man U v Liverpool game (by the way Man U won 2-0 Kekeke!) then went to Gombak for Beryl's b'day.

There were so many candles on the cake that u couldn't see much of the cake.

After the party, headed back to Bangsar to meet Red Dog and the gang for more drinks and dance to some crappy music at Bar Flam. Ivan was wearing a T shirt w/ copy i didn't understand. Can't stand perplexing copy which i don't get even tho it prob doens't have a meaning. Is that a brand? Or a type of monkey? And he was holding his banana so smugly. Couldn't take it so i punched the monkey. Poor Ivan.

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