Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Patrick Who Saves the World After the Powerpuff Girls Go to Bed

Tuesday. Met Patrick for coffee at Friendster Cafe only to find out that it was his birthday on Monday 9th Oct! I didn't have a presents on me. And buying a cake is so normal. I did have a box of plastercine tho.

If you're asking what was i doing with a box of plastercine in my bag. All i can say is that i like to buy stuff that can keep me preoccupied. I also bought a gun recently. But i ran out of bb and it probably isn't advisable to carry it around. Or maybe it's fine, seeing its a toy. It is fine right? As long as i don't travel by plane
and get stop when they X ray the bags? Or simply point it at people at a cafe. Or at a bank. I'm hardly in a bank so that should be fine.

So an hour of planning and designing in my head, i made a blueberry birthday cake!

Now i have big plans in my head. I wanna make it bigger! And
with more colours. With more props. I could even stick a real candle in there! If i made the cake big enough that is. Or it would be very disporportionate.

From this cake making experience, i learnt that:
- its very hard to make with long nails
- bigger is easier

- but smaller is cuter
- i'm anal when it comes to art

Right now i can only make blueberry. But i should be able to make marble and banana cake too.
I'm so excited about this new thing! So this is my new and unique hobby. Plastercine cake making.

Okay who's birthday is coming up next?


Jerry Ong said...

Interesting bloggie

Bubbles said...

Thank you. I just started. Kinda fun. Addictive. Still learning new things. Can't seem to find enough time to blog as much as I'd like to tho.