Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bubbles Clubbing Mode is On

Friday 20th Oct 2006

After Ghetto last night (the coming out of Bubbles Non Clubbing Mode 3.0) sleeping for only 2 1/2 hours, the body was naturally a lil weak so Friday night out was milder.

Got calls to go to Velvet, Ivy, Atrium, Loft and Savanh. Guess ppl found out i was out of my non clubbing mode. Hahaha!

Decided to ditch Velvet since the rest of the spots were at Heritage Row. Bar hopped for a while but ended up in Savanh where Sainthan n Vigknesh was. Sainthan was back for the Deepavali hols and he's not working in Romania. I asked if Count Dracula was there n he said the castle was. How cool is that? Unfortunately there weren't any Kate Beckinsdale look a ikes there (ala Van Helsing). Kekeke.

Also saw Red Dog and gang. Not seen him in a while. We had a dance or 2. He's one of those guys whom i can truly dance with. Not many guys in KL can groove. :( And for those who can, they tend to want to lead but with Red Dog, we move in sync so easily.

Left the club just before 3am.

See u again Sainthan before u leave for Romania. And by the way I'm coming to visit next year! :)

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dreamer said...

Hahaaa... you know Vigs too... Another degree discovered