Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! My Jack O Latern is Full

Unfortunately my Halloween party had to be postponed due to Revelation which in hindsight, my party could have been more happening and definitely would have lasted past 1am!

Thinking of a Halloween themed Christmas party now .......

As usual, went Trick Or Treating round the office. I went round to only one floor and my Jack O Lantern was full already! Everyone is always so nice, giving me candy, chocs and more. And those who didn't have candy, gave me money!

Last year, Steve gave me RM2.

This year, i got a total of RM5 from Primus, Fong and Edmund!

Based on this, next year is going to be an even better Halloween!

No major plans for tonight since Halloween falls on a Tuesday. But there is a Halloween party at Laundry at 9pm. Thinking of going with Random Kevin.

Marsupial and i were discussing his nic and agree that tho he's random, he likes soya beans. And Soya Bean sounds funnier. So he should be called Soya Bean Kevin from now. :)

Soya Bean Kevin! Hurry up with work and lets go.

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